Staying Safe around the Pool

During the summer, pools are a great place to stay cool, get some exercise, and just have a good time wasting the day away with friends and family. However, it is essential that people recognize the dangers that come with pools.

If you are with children, you have to be especially cautious around pools. Always keep a close eye on them, and teach them water safety before letting them out of arms length around pools. Make sure they know not to dive in waters under five feet. Let them know running, yelling, and pushing by the pool is even more unacceptable than doing so in a setting like your house or school.

Keep children away from the drains and pipes inside of the pool as much as possible, especially if your child is on the small side. Also make sure to bring a cell phone to the pool with you, so if there is an accident you can call for help as soon as possible.

Do not take bad weather lightly. If there is a chance of bad weather, especially if there is predicted thunder or lightning, do not go to the pool. After bad weather has passed, still be wary. You never know if the storm is just temporarily ceasing or if it is done for the day.

Drinking alcohol poolside sounds like a relaxing addition to a day at the pool, but if consumed irresponsibly it could be a recipe for disaster. Think about what your limit usually is, and tone it down by two or three drinks when you are at the pool.

If you are an owner of a pool, you are obligated to keep those who are at your pool safe. That being said, if you are a host, keep your guests safe. If you are a guest, make the job of your host easier and behave well.

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