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The “Robot-Doctor” is in the House

There are still many places where there is a lack doctors who would look after and care for sick. This is true even in the US, where some rural regions are medically underserved despite the abundance of specialists in big city hospitals and clinics.

Telemedicine, which is a great tool when it comes to emergency assessment and triage, may well have already been established, but this does not solve some other issues, such as regular hospital rounds that doctors need to make to check on their patients’ condition.

Thanks to technology which never seems to run out of solutions from its pocket. For today, whatever a doctor may fail to accomplish regularly, due to other more pressing medical situations, a robot-doctor will never fail to do – everyday.

Robots designed to accomplish and perform medical tasks (including surgery) are now being used in many hospitals in the US and around the world. You have probably heard of the da Vinci surgical robot, which has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Now, a new robotic staff has been added to the lineup of those making daily medical rounds in hospitals – the RP-VITA Remote Presence Robot, the first FDA-approved navigation remote-presence robot for use in hospitals. This electronic and mechanical device, designed as a mobile cart, is equipped with a medical monitoring machine and a two-way video screen; it can already be seen in some hospitals maneuvering its way through halls and patient rooms to conduct regular checks on patients.

Rick Coleman+