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A Cruise Ship Holiday Tour: Source of Perfect Fun, but of Possible Injuries too

Every year, more than 20 million travelers get to enjoy a relaxing and exciting experience on a cruise ship. One cannot deny, of course, that cruise ships of today can be considered as floating cities as these can provide truly incredible features and amenities that can best even some of the famous destinations around the world.

It was in the 1980s when the cruising industry raised the standard in the cruising business, building bigger cruise ships that can carry as many as 3000+ to 6000+ passengers and equipping ships with everything that should make every voyage safe and perfectly enjoyable. Thus, besides the adequately equipped clinics for safety and emergency concerns, for the “fun” side of the travel, there are indoor and outdoor pools, ping pong tables, mine golf courses, basketball and volleyball courts, gyms, spas, beauty salons, bars, night clubs, casinos, rock-climbing walls, bumper cars, skating rinks, zip lines, jogging tracks, waterslides, a planetarium, aqua parks, cinemas, duty free shops and many others.

Not limiting the excitement onboard, cruise lines have also started introducing shore excursions in almost every port of call. These added activities also allow passengers to enjoy inland dining, shopping, cultural and/or archeological tours, city sightseeing, wildlife and wilderness tours, parasailing;, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, and rain forest hiking among many others.

But while the supply of exciting activities continues and with the very big increase in the number of travelers, concerns about the safety of passengers still remain to be a major concern, especially for the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). This safety issue also is not only time at sea, but also includes passenger safety during shore excursions and other on shore activities which have also become sources of injuries to many passengers. Upon arrival at a particular port of call, the possible dangers that face passengers (and crew) are dock accidents, tender accidents, motor vehicle accidents, defective/malfunctioning equipment, and, inadequate security.

Due to the complexity of the maritime law, the issues of jurisdiction and statutory limit, however, the firm Vucci Law says that it may be wise for injured passengers to contact a highly-competent and knowledgeable cruise ship personal injury lawyer who may be able to help them know and understand their legal rights and options, as well as the best legal action to take to seek the compensation they may legally deserve.

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