Bad Drivers on the Road

Kentucky had the dubious honor of being one of the states with the worst drivers in 2009. In that year, 730 people died in vehicular accidents. It is admittedly not as bad as Texas with 2,776 fatalities. However, considering that Kentucky had only 2,932,659 registered drivers for that year while Texas had 15,374,063, Kentucky is actually worse.

Statistics aside, the numbers are still too high. Thirty-four out of 50 failed to signal or obey traffic lights, and three out of 50 were distracted while driving. These are driver errors, so about 74% of these accidents were preventable.

According to The Sampson Law Firm website, driver error is the top cause of car accidents in the US, and as it turns out, in Kentucky in particular. This poses a significant threat to innocent people who share the road with these bad drivers. The most dangerous drivers in Kentucky are 18-years-olds, a pattern that is consistent among the other states with high rates of traffic accidents.

Perhaps it is understandable. These are new drivers and liable to make mistakes. However, it does not mitigate their liability when someone gets hurt. This is especially true if it happens because the at-fault driver was impaired. Nine drivers out of 50 involved in car accidents were under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the state.

Car accidents are not intentional acts. However, accidents caused by driver error i.e. texting while driving, are foreseeable consequences of a conscious act. This failure to act with reasonable care is the basis for liability. Drivers that exercise reasonable care while operating a vehicle will not cause accidents, and will therefore not be liable.

If you were seriously injured in a Kentucky car accident caused by driver error, you have a right to expect compensation from the at-fault driver. Consult with a car accident lawyer in Kentucky for a rundown on your legal rights and options.

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