Dog Walking: Preventing Dogs from Destroying Homes

You just clocked out of work and you are excited to just relax all night at home, but you arrive only to see some of your shoes chewed, your pillows cottoned, and your leather sofa scratched and cut. You know who did it – your dog, and you vent it all out on the poor thing.

This is a lose-lose situation for you and your dog, so it should be avoided at all costs. The good news is that it can easily be avoided. According to the website of the Austin dog walkers at Walk! ATX, dogs that are home alone will find it hard to do anything productive. So, when they have too much energy to dispense, they almost always take it out on your possessions. This can easily be avoided if you take your dog for a walk regularly.

Using up energy

If your dog has used up all of his energy, of course he will not be enthusiastic enough to entertain himself or destroy your possessions. Walking the dog is a good way to use up all of that energy. Also, if your dog is aware that you are constantly giving him time to dispense energy by walking with him regularly, he is more likely to behave himself at home even on instances where he feels energetic, because he can just wait for you to come home so he can have the proper opportunities and avenues to let his energy go wild.

Promoting health

Walking is not just about using up energy, as it is also about getting your dog into shape. A dog that is regularly doing physical activities such as walking is a healthier dog, because it helps prevent digestive problems, fatigue, obesity, and other problems that may arise from the lack of exercise.

It can also be said that the dog is not just the one benefiting from all the walking. The dog owner himself – you – is also getting all of the health benefits.

A Cruise Ship Holiday Tour: Source of Perfect Fun, but of Possible Injuries too

Every year, more than 20 million travelers get to enjoy a relaxing and exciting experience on a cruise ship. One cannot deny, of course, that cruise ships of today can be considered as floating cities as these can provide truly incredible features and amenities that can best even some of the famous destinations around the world.

It was in the 1980s when the cruising industry raised the standard in the cruising business, building bigger cruise ships that can carry as many as 3000+ to 6000+ passengers and equipping ships with everything that should make every voyage safe and perfectly enjoyable. Thus, besides the adequately equipped clinics for safety and emergency concerns, for the “fun” side of the travel, there are indoor and outdoor pools, ping pong tables, mine golf courses, basketball and volleyball courts, gyms, spas, beauty salons, bars, night clubs, casinos, rock-climbing walls, bumper cars, skating rinks, zip lines, jogging tracks, waterslides, a planetarium, aqua parks, cinemas, duty free shops and many others.

Not limiting the excitement onboard, cruise lines have also started introducing shore excursions in almost every port of call. These added activities also allow passengers to enjoy inland dining, shopping, cultural and/or archeological tours, city sightseeing, wildlife and wilderness tours, parasailing;, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, and rain forest hiking among many others.

But while the supply of exciting activities continues and with the very big increase in the number of travelers, concerns about the safety of passengers still remain to be a major concern, especially for the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). This safety issue also is not only time at sea, but also includes passenger safety during shore excursions and other on shore activities which have also become sources of injuries to many passengers. Upon arrival at a particular port of call, the possible dangers that face passengers (and crew) are dock accidents, tender accidents, motor vehicle accidents, defective/malfunctioning equipment, and, inadequate security.

Due to the complexity of the maritime law, the issues of jurisdiction and statutory limit, however, the firm Vucci Law says that it may be wise for injured passengers to contact a highly-competent and knowledgeable cruise ship personal injury lawyer who may be able to help them know and understand their legal rights and options, as well as the best legal action to take to seek the compensation they may legally deserve.

Exhausted Driving is Reckless Driving

If you, or a family member, are, or employee, truck drivers, you need to be aware of hours of service regulations. The point of these regulations is to keep trucks drivers, and the passengers of surrounding vehicles, safe. They apply to a driver of any commercial motor vehicle, a vehicle that is used as part of a business.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the regulations state that truck drivers must have 10 consecutive hours off-duty before coming back on-duty. Additionally drivers must not drive beyond the 14th hour consecutive hour after coming on duty. Within those 14 hours, a driver can only drive a total of 11 hours, the other three being used for lunch breaks, nap, etc. Drivers may not drive over 8 consecutive hours without a break of at least 30 minutes. To help illustrate these regulations, consider this example: You have had 10 consecutive hours off. You come to work at 6:00 a.m. and drive from 7:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. (7 hours driving). You take a 30-minute break as required, and then can drive for another 4 hours until 6:30 p.m. You must not drive again until you have at least 10 consecutive hours off duty. You may do other work after 6:30 p.m., but you cannot do any more driving of a commercial motor vehicle on a public road.

If drivers do not follow these regulations, they will suffer from exhaustion and become dangerous to themselves and anyone driving around them. This is considered reckless driving. According to Charleston trucking accident lawyers of Clawson & Staubes, LLC: Injury Group, reckless driving is a major traffic violation, a misdemeanor punishable by fines, license suspension and even incarceration. So not only are exhausted drivers dangerous to anyone around them, they are also liable to get in a lot of trouble for being so. Make sure the truck driver you know is aware of these regulations and follows them thoroughly, to ensure safety for everyone involved.

Acts of Abuse or Neglect in Nursing Homes can be a Federal Offense

In 1986, a study that would evaluate the quality of care in U.S. Medicare and Medicaid nursing homes was conducted by the Institute of Medicine due to a request by the U.S. Congress. The study revealed that residents (elders, children and young adults with severe disabilities) were often neglected, abused, and provided with sub-par care, thus, the so many cases of bedsores, pressure ulcers, injuries due to slip and falls, sudden weight loss, dehydration and malnutrition, many of these ending in serious injuries and a number of wrongful deaths.

Those who commit acts of abuse and negligence in nursing homes can be charged with a federal crime because these acts run in contrast to the stipulations of the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act, which mandates nursing home facilities that receive payment from Medicare and Medicaid, to:

  • Provide services and activities that will help attain or maintain the highest possible physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of every resident in accordance with a written plan of care; and,
  • Ensure that residents are free from corporal punishment, involuntary seclusion and all forms of abuses, including, but not limited to, verbal, physical, mental abuse, and sexual abuse.

Besides these two mandates, the Act also addresses other issues, including sufficiency of staffing, individual patient assessment, and assurance of hygiene and nutrition; it also establishes the “Residents’ Bill of Rights acts of abuse or neglect can be a federal offense,” which is a list of rights that will empower residents in the face of neglect and/or abuse.

Records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for 2014 show a little above 15,000 certified nursing home facilities in the U.S. and about 1.5 million residents and patients. Having more facilities should be an advantage as this will mean more places for elderly services. However, with 90% of all nursing homes lacking the required number of staff, as per the American Association for Justice records, this would be a cause of major concern considering the fact that it is in understaffed nursing home facilities where instances of abuse and neglect are widespread.

Families with loved ones in nursing homes should know that acts of abuse or neglect can be a federal offense. Any sign that their loved one is experiencing an act of cruelty while under the care of a nursing facility, they should never hesitate in pursuing legal action against the liable party. To learn more about negligence in nursing homes, the rights of victims and how victims can pursue justice and compensation, click here:

What Safety Measures Should Be In Place In Construction Sites?

Construction sites are inherently one of the most dangerous places to work in. The abundance of risk hazards such as falling objects, scaffolds, loose wires, and others can put in danger the safety of construction workers. Given these circumstances, the website of Hankey Law Office recommends the implementation of the strictest safety standards. Unfortunately, some construction site owners fail in this aspect.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA is the lead agency in ensuring that construction sites implement the strictest safety standards. This policy must be strictly followed by the management down to the employees. Here are some safety measures that should be implemented in every construction site:

Safety First

Prior to starting with your work, make sure that your work area is free from risk hazards. Check if the scaffolds have a strong platform or base. This equipment is associated with a high incidence of injuries so do check the stability of the scaffolds.

Watch Out For Loose Wires and Other Electric Hazards

Loose wires and other electric hazards expose construction workers to accidents such as electrocution. Electric equipment is equally dangerous and must be handled with extra care. Experienced workers should be the one to operate the equipment. If someone new was hired for the job, ensure that they are properly trained and knowledgeable with the machine that will be operated on.

Wear Protective Gear

Falling debris can cause serious head injuries and as such every worker must wear protective helmet. Protective gloves and clothes should also be worn by employees who will be exposed to toxic chemicals. Construction workers should also work visible clothing so they can be easily seen especially in areas where there is a high traffic of moving heavy vehicles.

While ensuring the safety of the workplace is the foremost responsibility of the employer, employees should also do their share in creating a safe working condition for them.

All You Need To Know About Wrongful Death

Death is an inevitable fact of life. Each one of us will die and we cannot stop it. But when a loved one dies due to the negligence of another person, that is unacceptable. According to the website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC, the sudden death of their loved one can have a huge impact on the surviving family members. The good news is that they can file a wrongful death lawsuit on the responsible party in order to ease their and pain and suffering.

Wrongful death is a civil case that can be filed against a person or business for their responsibility in the death of another person. The sudden death of the plaintiff could be the result of the following:

  • Negligence or carelessness
  • Design or product defect
  • Recklessness or gross negligence
  • Intentional acts

Depending on the state where you live, wrongful death laws lay down the specifics of filing a case against the defendant. It also explains the possible damages, the statute of limitations, and other procedures. As mentioned, the damages that can be recovered will depend on the state where the case was filed. In general, it will be the surviving members of the family or estate who will receive compensation for:

  • Lost financial support
  • Loss emotional support suffered by the survivors
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral and burial cost

For a wrongful death case to be successful, it would have to satisfy the basic elements such as duty of care, act or omission that breached that duty, the action directly caused the injury or death, and there were resulting damages. As to who gets the damages? The court will consider several factors in the determination of the amount as well as the recipient. Punitive damages may also be awarded to the surviving members of the family.

Effects of Broken Bones in Children

Fractures, which happen when bones break, can have different effects on adults and on children, whose bones are more flexible because they are otherwise still growing, according to the website of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP.

Adults have around 206 bones in their bodies, with the largest being the femur or thighbone, which makes it possible for people to engage in activities such as walking and jumping. The smallest bones in the body are called stapes, which are found in the middle ear of humans and other animals and which are responsible for the production of sound waves in the ear, making it possible for the person or the mammal to hear. Some bones are flat, like those inside one’s skull. Some have a cube shape, like those that make up one’s wrist. However, most of the bones in one’s body are called long bones, which are found inside one’s arms, legs, hands, and feet, which are responsible for mobility and flexibility.

One can find out that one has broken bones if he/she gets an X-ray of the affected bone area. On an X-ray, bones have a whitish appearance. However if a bone is broken, the bone will manifest as dark-colored.

Children are more susceptible to bone breakage because their bones are still growing. An example of a breakage is the growth plate fracture, which happens near the end of the bone where the growth occurs. An X-ray of a growth plate fracture can appear normal, because growth plates are made up of cartilage, not bone.

A buckle fracture is characterized by an irregularity in the bone, not an outright crack. On the other hand, a greenstick fracture happens one side of the bone is slightly cracked, while the other side appears to be normal.

Complete, compound, and stress fractures can occur in both adults and children. A complete fracture happens when the ends of a bone are not touching each other, causing it to split into two parts. Meanwhile, a compound fracture happens when one of both ends of a bone have pushed through the skin. A stress fracture can sometimes only be detected by computerized tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans because they are so subtle that they can hardly be seen.

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